Kidding Season is Here!

BuggyKidding season has finally arrived.  The last month or so before the kids arrive always seems to take forever, but thankfully Christmas and New Years were able to distract me for a while.  This kidding season we have 20 does bred, most are due the week of January 19th, but we have a couple due in February and March as well.

The does scheduled to kid mid January (not in any particular order) are:

Cherry, Showbiz, Frostie, Lazy Daisy, Nutmeg, Melody, Guinevere, Poke-a-dot, Snickerdoodle, Red Socks, Katara, Charmed One, Surprise, Confetti, Classy, and Diamond.

The does due in Feb. & March are:
Jersey, Buggy (pictured at right), Perfection, and Mona Lisa.

We used 6 different bucks for breeding: Hummer, Rocketman, Dream Chaser, Flash Gordon, Mountain Ghost & Fox in Socks.  We use the pen-breeding method, where we put a buck with 5-6 does and leave them together for a length of time.  It takes a lot of time and effort to move bucks and does around to different pens when all the does are going in heat around the same time, but I think we did much better this year with getting all of our does bred around the same time.  Last year we had does kidding off and on for over 6 months.