Kids with Faster Growth Rate

Fastest growing buck – R Fainting Paintball

I’m always striving to breed kids with a faster growth rate without sacrificing conformation or muscling to get there.  It’s been a long struggle to get the faster growth rate since the Myotonic breed as a whole has a slower growth rate than most goats.  Our buck Hummer had the fastest growth rate of all kids in his age group on the farm where he was born down in Florida.  As a general rule Hummer’s kids have been some of our fastest growing kids.

This year, however, our fastest growing kids have come from a variety of genetics with little influence from Hummer.  It’s been quite surprising, but I’m also thrilled with these results.  For our kids born Jan – Feb 2012 below is a list of the top growing bucks & does.  Being from a single or multiple birth was also calculated.

Bucks with the highest growth rate (in order):

  1. Paintball
  2. Spy
  3. Heart Stealer
  4. Diamond Miner
  5. Obi-Wan
Fastest growing doe – R Fainting Tap Dancer

Does with the highest growth rate (in order):

  1. Tap Dancer
  2. Tropical Smoothie
  3. Party Time
  4. Padme
  5. Sunshine