Color Patterns

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Some of these coat patterns can come in any color, while others are more color specific.  Also keep in mind that any white markings can mask some or all of a pattern.

Pattern Description Examples
colorwht01White or tan
wholly tan, red, or white, sometimes with darker shoulder, face. princessphoto by Sharon Reeves sugarphoto by Sharon Reeves
pale legs, belly, face stripes with tan body that may have considerable eumelanic sootiness. Can be white. sablelgphoto by Sharon Reeves
colormask01Black mask
tan with black on head, brisket, and down spine. pale stripes on head. may overlap with white or tan. Can be white.
tan with minor black on head and lower legs, sometimes with a black belly, and usually lacking a complete dorsal stripe typical of the blackbelly pattern. caramellgphoto courtesy of Cindy Bene
wild color: tan body, dark head with stripes, pale belly, striped legs and back. black shoulder stripe. More dark (eumelanic) in males than in females. bezoarlgphoto courtesy of Phil Sponenberg
tan with black belly, backstripe, lower legs, and face stripes. This is the Oberhasli pattern. Darker males than females. tanblklgTypical badgerface
photo by Sharon Reeves
2shadebrwnlgBrown variation of badgerface
photo courtesy of Pat Cotten
colortanside01Tan sides
similar to blackbelly but with wider backstripe and nearly black head so that tan sides are all that remains of pheomelanin.
colorsanclem01San Clemente
black front half, tan rear half, pale stripes on dark head, pale legs and belly. Varies from dark enough to confuse with “black and tan” to pale enough to nearly be “black mask” or “sable.” The intermediate phases are very distinctive. sanclementelgphoto courtesy of Unknown
black front half (generally lacking light eyebars), tan rear half, legs black on backs and tan on fronts, black sides of thighs.
(cou clair)
tan front half, black rear half, dark legs, tan head with black stripes, including a distinctive one below eye and one above eye. peacocklgphoto courtesy of Phil Spnonenbergpeacockdoelgphoto by Sharon Reeves peacockbucklgphoto courtesy of Derilyn Nelsonbrwpeacocklgphoto courtesy of Derilyn Nelson
colorstripegr01Striped grey
(grey toggenburg)
Mixture of black and white hairs over body, with the pale ears, eyebars, muzzle, and legs of the toggenburg pattern.
colorgrey01Grey fairly uniform mix of black and white hairs, with somewhat darker legs, head. Varies from near white to very dark. silverlgphoto courtesy of Tara Lawrence
coloragouti01Grey agouti

fairly uniform mix of black and white hairs, with distinctly darker legs. Typical of Pygmy goats. greyagoutilgphoto by Sharon Reeves
(swiss markings)
black body, dark belly, pale legs, ears, facial stripes. The Toggenburg pattern, when eumelanin is brown. togg2lgphoto by courtesy of John-Derek Gray togg3lgThis one has a large area of white, but look at the face and legs to see the pattern.
 photo by Sharon Reeves
coloreyebar01Eyebar  black with tan belly, rear legs tan on back and black on fronts, front legs tan on back with tan all around leg above knee and black on fronts below this. Prominent wide tan stripes on face. Can have tan on rear thighs. resembles dark “san clemente.
colorblktan01Black and tan black, with tan belly, rear legs tan on back and black on fronts, front legs tan on back with tan all around leg above knee and black on fronts. light inside ears, light face stripes which are thin or just above eye. blacktan1photo courtesy of Little M Farm blacktanNigerian Dwarf
photo courtesy of Joanne Karohl
colorfishy01Fishy  black with front half of belly tan and rear half black. black udder or scrotum. medium wide bars on face, legs with continuous black stripes down fronts.
colorstripes01Lateral stripes  as “black and tan” but darker zone on belly, reversed leg stripes (black back portions).
coloramahogany01Mahogany fairly dark mix of black and tan hairs, dark legs, head, minor striping, usually with tan thighs.
colorcheek01Red cheek black with tan patches on cheeks, back of thighs, tops of ears. redcheekphoto by Sharon Reeves choc.redcheekBrown variation of red cheek
photo courtesy of Terry Alleva
colorblk01No pattern black

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