Color Chart

There are many varying shades and combinations of colors that may be found in Myotonic/Fainting Goats, but I believe I have the most common ones listed below.  If you have an unusual colored Fainting Goat I would love to see your pictures.

Photos below are courtesy of various breeders.  Please do not copy ANY information on these genetics pages without permission.  Feel free to link to these pages or bookmark them for future reference.

princessWhite –“Princess Patty” lightgreylg Light Silver – “Ellie Mae” silverlgDark Silver (aka: Blue) –
“Silver Dollar”
beigeBeige (more pink color) –
“R Fainting Fairy Tale”
creamlgCream (more yellow color) –
“4Ever-R-Acres Boo”
tan & whiteCaramel/Tan (with white) –
“R Fainting Nutmeg”
goldlgGold – “Tumbleweed’s Tumbling Tim”
light redLight red – “Hollywood Acres The Patriot” redlgRed – “Moonlight Farms Razberri”
mahogany & whiteMahogany (and white) –
“R Fainting Houdini”
chocolate & whiteChocolate (and white) –
“R Fainting Lazy Daisy”
blackBlack – “Cripple Creek Velvet”
Tri Colors
tan & tri-colorTan Tri – “R Fainting Joker” brown tri-colorBrown Tri – “R Fainting Hopscotch” redtrilgRed Tri – “Bedrock’s Tootsie”
blacktriBlack Tri – “Deer Springs
Smoke N Joe”